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 Come study ceramics in historic San Miguel de Allende, México.  Over 500 years old, San Miguel, located in the mountains of central México, is known for its history, its art, its food, its music, its walkability, and its charm.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, San Miguel is full of museums,  restaurants, galleries, studios, shops, festivals, parades, and multiculturalism. 

Our classes and workshops offer instruction from the finest ceramic artists in the United States, Canada, and México.  Estudio Paloma is a fully equipped studio and your hours outside the workshop can be filled with all that San Miguel has to offer.


Paloma Clay Studio, Paloma 11, Fracc. La Luz,  Paloma Clay Studio offers students a sun-filled studio, clay, firing, and lunch. At night and on weekends take advantage of one of the world's most lauded vacation destinations high in the mountains of central Mexico. Explore cobblestone streets, 500-year-old buildings, world-class food, live music, festivals, and parades!  

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