Getting around town, weather, altitude and location of Estudio Paloma.


San Miguel is entirely safe for tourists.  Tourism provides incomes for the entire population, making it quite safe.  The only recommendation is that you not walk alone at night.  Taxis are so easy to find and inexpensive.  We also have Uber.  Please don't be influenced by the press - they love a frightening story.

  San Miguel has a temperate climate, meaning nights can get chilly, so bring sweaters and light jackets. The days are sunny and can get quite warm.  Try to walk on the shady side of the street.  Sturdy shoes (those cobblestones!) and a hat will help.  If you feel more tired than usual or have a headache or dizziness, you are probably affected by the altitude and high desert air.  Drink plenty of water, every day.  If you feel suddenly tired, drink a bottle of water and rest until your energy is back.  

   The town is entirely walkable.  The buildings, some of which date back 500 years, are beautiful and walking gives you a gorgeous scene around every corner.  But taxis are everywhere, with one price regardless of destination:  50 pesos or around $2.50.  It's easy to flag taxis or you can order one at 152-0124, which costs an extra 10 pesos.  

   Using debit cards is the best way to get pesos.  There are ATMs everywhere, with a small charge for using an American card.  Your bank will also impose a small transaction fee so it’s best to take the maximum amount out at one time – to save on those fees.

Estudio Paloma.  The studio is just outside town and we can advise you about transportation to and from the workshop.  If you need to take a taxi and four people share, it's only about 50 cents a person.  The address for the taxi driver is Paloma 11, in Colonia La Luz. We can call taxis to pick you up if you choose to stay and work after the workshop day ends.  Visit the Facebook page, Estudio Paloma San Miguel to see photos of the studio.