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San Miguel de Allende in the Heart of Mexico

 San Miguel de Allende is an amazing city in the mountains in the heart of Mexico.  Founded over 500 years ago this historic city is full of charm and takes visitors back in time, while at the same time offering amazing restaurants, art, and music for every taste. The city has been named the best in the world by several travel publications and is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Tourism provides income for the entire population, making safety for visitors a high priority. 

The city government in San Miguel has done an excellent job managing the pandemic. The entire country of México has been designated as green on the stoplight system (green being the best). However, you can still expect to see face coverings in use and sanitization measures being taken. Keeping everyone safe has been and continues to be a priority.

Because San Miguel is in the high desert of the mountains the climate is mild; days are warm and evenings can be cool. Visitors should plan on bringing layered clothing; a light jacket or sweater is sufficient for the evening.

The town is entirely walkable.  The buildings, some of which date back 500 years, are beautiful and walking gives you a gorgeous scene around every corner.  It is easy to negotiate the city without a car as taxis, buses, and Uber are easy to find and are inexpensive. 

The local currency is the Mexican peso. Using debit cards at an ATM is the easiest way to get pesos.  

Information about San Miguel de Allende: 

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