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Bill Van Gilder
Claudi Olds-Goldie

Workshop fee: $990 USD  or  $18,200 MX

(for details on what is included click here)

Deposit to register: $450 USD or $9,100 MX

January21-27, 2024 (full), March 17-23, 2024 (2 spaces due to cancellation)

August 25-31, 2024 (spaces available)

Bill Van Gilder

The Functional Pot; Tips, Tools & Techniques

Every potter has an idea of what they want to make. How to make it is often the question.
During our busy days in the Paloma Studios, we will make work at the wheel that challenges our skills and pushes our envelope about the functional pot and the details that make them attractive and comfortable to use…

  • The drinking vessel: cups, mugs, and their handles.

  • Making great fitting lids and the forms they sit on, from small to large.

  • Throwing large and practicing the skills involved starting with three pounds of clay… and working our way up to assembling multi-piece pots…

  • and the bottle form; some smaller with spouts… some for flowers.

On day one of the workshop, we will discuss as a group, additional projects to add to the list – projects YOU find challenging. The goal is to take your clay working skills
to the next leve
l - or more - and I’ll work with you to make that happen.
I will demo at the wheel at the beginning of each morning and afternoon session establishing the projects to be practiced. It’s a skill-building proces
s… one session will work on building on those prior.
This is a course for potters with intermediate/advanced skills. It is not designed for beginner-level students. Students should be able to competently center and throw a 2-lb. cylinder.
Bring your favorite wheel tools, apron, and a notebook/sketchbook, plus one
small piece of pottery you’ve recently made to the workshop. 

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February 25-March 2, 2024

Claudia Olds Goldie

The Human/Animal Narrative

In creating sculpture that is realistic or imaginary, students will consider the emotional connection between humans and animals when they come together in the same narrative.  They will learn the basics of human and animal anatomy to create sculpture with the character, posture, movement, and spirit of each.  Using slab, pinching, and modeling techniques, Claudia will demonstrate how to build hollow, detailed, proportionate, and expressive forms.  For inspiration and to help understand the exciting depth and variety of ceramic sculpture,  this workshop will also include presentations and discussions of contemporary and historical ceramic sculpture.



Workshop fee: $990 USD  or  $18,200 MX

(for details on what is included click here)

Deposit to register: $450 USD or $9,100 MX

(Click on the image to see full images)

April 1-April 6, 2024

Michael Corney

Viva La Underglaze! Exploring surface decoration techniques

Michael Coney

Workshop fee: $ 790 USD  or $14,500 MX 

(for details on what is included click here)

Deposit to register: $400 USD  or $7,250 MX

Join us for an exciting workshop that delves into the world of underglaze painting on ceramics. In this hands-on experience, we will explore various methods and techniques, allowing you to transform your ideas from paper sketches into beautifully decorated ceramic pieces. Underglaze will be our primary tool, and throughout the workshop, you will develop a deep understanding of how underglaze techniques can infuse stories and meaning into your ceramic creations.

Workshop Highlights include; Brush Painting, Stencils, Spraying, Underglaze Transfers, Marbling, Slip Trailing, Sponging, and Bubble Blowing!  Bisque-fired functional ceramic pieces will provided to each participant, allowing you to practice and experiment with various underglaze techniques.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced ceramicists, as it offers a wide
range of techniques and opportunities for artistic expression. Whether you're looking to enhance
your functional pottery or create unique sculptural works, this workshop will equip you with the skills and knowledge to elevate your ceramic artistry.
Come join us on this artistic journey as we explore the endless possibilities of underglaze painting on ceramics, from concept to creation!

mike headshot.jpeg
(Click on the image to see full images)

October 27-November 1, 2024

Cristina Córdova

The Figure in Clay: Form and Surface


Come join us for this unique combination of figurative ceramic sculpture and surface development. You will both hone your sculpting abilities and learn to enliven your figurative works through the use of slips, underglaze transfers, and monotypes.

We will start by building a 20” figure from the pelvic area, using simple patterns and photographic references to anchor our sculptural process. Demos will cover slab construction and articulation of the hip area, upper torso, arms, hands, head, and neck. As all the components come together we will go over anatomical concepts and modeling strategies to facilitate accuracy and expression.

Transitioning into surface development, students will develop an assortment of test tiles to inform both their primary pieces and future work at home. With these as points of departure, we will use slips and underglazes combined with newsprint and tissue transfers to create rich, dynamic surfaces.  All levels welcome

Workshop fee: $1,280 USD  or  $23,000 MX

(for details on what is included click here)

Deposit to register: $600 USD or $11,500 MX

Deb Schwartzkopf

November 10-16, 2024

Deborah Schwartzkopf

Blended Bliss: Blending Wheel Throwing and Hand-building Techniques

Workshop fee: $1040 USD  or  $18,200 MX

(for details on what is included click here)

Deposit to register: $450 USD or $9,100 MX

Led by Seattle-based studio potter, instructor, and inspiring artist Deb Schwartzkopf, this exploratory workshop is for everyone working in clay with an interest in blending wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques. Let the process lead you to new inventions and ways of piecing together functional forms.

These five immersive days will set in motion your ability to build complex forms with simple parts. We will discuss how expressive shapes spring from sketches, patterns, our environment, and the process of making itself. You will be able to bring home lots of notes captured in photos and sketches, maybe some greenware, and a host of new techniques that will enliven your studio practice! Come ready to experiment and have fun!

Join into an exchange of ideas as you foray into throwing, altering, cutting templates, molding slabs, deriving and defining inspiration, and then assembling. Contemplate the presentation of clay inspirations while browsing local markets, nearby villages, or historic sights. Build memories and share fabulous meal-time experiences with fellow participants. In addition, enjoy all the opportunities the area has to offer!

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