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Joe Molinaro is a ceramic artist/educator/writer and Professor Emeritus at Eastern Kentucky University (1989-2016).  He has conducted research in the Amazon region of Ecuador for over 26 years, and before that, he spent a good amount of time traveling and writing about ceramic traditions in the Caribbean and Mexico.   He currently lives and maintains a studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where he also serves as workshop coordinator for the Estudio Paloma.

Estudio Paloma The studio is just outside town and we can advise you about transportation to and from the workshop.  If you need to take a taxi and four people share, it's only about 50 cents a person.  The address for the taxi driver is Paloma 11, in Colonia La Luz. We can call taxis to pick you up if you choose to stay and work after the workshop day ends.  

We welcome all clay artists and students from all over the world to our workshops.  Please visit even if you are not taking a workshop.  We hope to see you soon!

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