2023 Workshops

April 10-14, 2023

Antoinette Badenhorst
Understanding Porcelain


Understand the character of porcelain and push your own limits. Improve your clay skills as you throw or use hand-building techniques like pinching and press molding to obtain thin, well-crafted pots. Learn to alter porcelain into beautiful translucent sculptural or functional vessels.

Whether you continue working with porcelain or not, the principles and approaches you will learn during this workshop will refresh and energize your approach to clay. Intermediate-advanced potters welcome. No porcelain experience is needed.

Workshop fee: $ 760 USD  (for details on what is included click here)

Deposit to register: $300

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Note: As an added bonus this workshop follows Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Easter.  It is worth coming early to experience the celebration of Easter with Good Friday processions and the "Burning of the Judases" on Easter Sunday.